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SALIN INTERNATIONAL was created as a result of the alliance between a Chinese and a French CEO. They pooled their commercial skills and made available their long-established international relations so that you may benefit from their huge experience in the large international export field. In 2008, we set up our company in Hong Kong. This location gives us a leading position in an exceptional economic environment and enables us to stay in constant contact with your future suppliers, forwarding agents, banks, international inspection agencies (SGS, Véritas…).

SALIN INTERNATIONAL is specialized in the import-export of any industrial chemicals, drinking and industrial water treatment, plant-protection products and, in general, of any products you may need.

We guarantee you quality products and a professional service. Thanks to our considerable and long-lasting expertise in import-export, we play an active role on national and international markets. Our excellent reputation provides us a leading position with high-quality suppliers. We are committed in providing you, first-class goods that meet their requirements. 

Our leading position gives us a clear advantage in the areas of industrial chemicals, drinking and industrial water treatment, plant protection products... However, beyond this advantage, our huge experience enables us to offer any type of products or materials you may want to purchase.

We have been working with international customers for many years. These customers have trusted our company located in Chongqing China to make all their purchases. This localization allows us to ensure them high-quality services: We provide goods and plant inspections, we work with international inspection agencies (SGS, Veritas ..), and we maintain a permanent link with forwarding agents, banks and all stakeholders.

Our wide experience in Europe, Africa and China has enabled us to expand our development strategy to south Asia, America, Middle East, through a network of offices and preferred distributors.

Our experience and our strategic location in Hong Kong provide us strength and a competitive advantage in terms of free-trade. China offers both a vastsupplier base and the possibility to purchase raw materials and a various range of products. We will therefore help you find the supplier tailored to your needs in terms of price, payment or quality.

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